Seminário ECNAIS

Seminário ECNAIS

O Grupo ENSINUS estará presente no Seminário ECNAIS – European Council of National Associations of Independent Schools – “Inclusion in education: The role of independent schools in ensuring inclusive and equal education for all learners”, em Praga, nos dias 23, 24 e 25 e novembro de 2017.

“The theme of inclusion has resonated in various discussions across societies for many years.
The basis of the idea of inclusion is the highest human values – respect for the other, solidarity, fundamental human rights. Inclusion does not evade any of the human areas in life, such as work, housing, leisure and, of course, education. Educational institutions have a great potential to influence, from the logic of their mission, social values and development. Encouraging inclusive processes in schools can be seen as a necessary condition for building an inclusive and globalized society. That is why education systems and schools themselves are subject to the demands of continual transformation.
… The UNESCO 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, with its focus on leaving no one behind, provides a unique opportunity to build more inclusive and equitable societies.”

O Grupo ENSINUS sempre presente nos importantes debates Internacionais, para a construção de uma escola mais sólida e inovadora.

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